Massage Therapy

Tricia offers a variety of massage therapy styles:


Traditional Thai Massage

Tricia went to Thailand to learn this wonderful modality. A series of yoga like movements and stretches done on a mat, on the floor. This massage invigorates and soothes the body while quieting the mind. Be sure to wear comfy loose fitted clothing.


Therapeutic/Deep Tissue



Ashiatsu Therapy

Ashiatsu therapists use their hands and feet to give you a deep and luxurious massage. By using gravity, the therapist can create a deep, but broad pressure that feels great especially for runners and strength trainers!

And More!


Massages typically 60 Min in length, although sessions can be 90 or 120 Min as well.


The prices range from $60 -80 / Hour, depending on the style desired. Any additional 30 Min are just $30.

We do offer 30 Min sessions of any style for only $40, for those who just want focused attention or only can come in for a limited amount of time.