The Massage Mind

The Massage Mind:

Looking Inward and Working Outward

Taught by: Heather Graeme, LMT, MA

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Part 1 – Looking Inward
In this two hour lecture class you will:

  • Learn about new scientific discoveries that are showing us a new paradigm within which to interact with the world
  • Discover the fundamental importance of consciousness and how to harness your full potential
  • Learn how meditating allows you access to your unlimited creative consciousness
  • Explore how this new information can deepen and enhance your massage practice

Part 2 – Working Outward
In this two hour hands-on class you will:

  • Learn to center yourself and use the power of intention to deepen your massage practice
  • Discover the importance of setting intentions and expectations with your clients
  • Examine your body mechanics to ensure you are using your core to power yourself – work smarter not harder
  • Learn the warm, assess, treat, transition protocol – every stroke has a purpose

Upcoming Classes:

March 22nd, 2020

June 20th, 2020

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4 CU credits for Licensed Massage Therapists

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